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1st Quarter 2021 Bible Classes

Sunday Evening

Auditorium -  I Samuel - Jon Coleman

College - Proverbs - Jared Johnson

Wednesday Night

Auditorium - Matthew (Part 1) - Bruce Daniels

College - Christian Evidences (Part II) - Ryan Hasty

New Registration for Sunday Morning Worship Online Access

There is a new registration link to join our Sunday morning worship service online.  If you are unable to worship with us in person, please re-register at the link below.  Enter your name and email address and a link reminder will be automatically emailed to you each Sunday morning 1 hour before each service starts.

Sunday AM Call-in info  1-631-992-3221 ---- Access Code: 480-443-290

All online worship service and bible study registration links are listed on our Linktree site here:

The Sunday night and Wednesday night bible class registrations remain unchanged.


Covid Related In-Building Safety Measures

After hours of prayers and weekly conversations, the Elders would like for everyone to be aware of the following additional measures we are employing during the COVID-19 outbreak.  We have made this decision as the leadership of the congregation and we are asking everyone to follow all of the safety protocols.

1) We are expecting that all members wear a face covering for the entire time inside the building (**exceptions listed at the bottom**)     

    2) Please keep at least 6' distance from anyone who isn't a member of your household\family\roomate.

    3) Please exit the building in an immediat and orderly manner after worship.  Do not stay to socialize inside the building (please do so outside).

    4) If a member of your household or a roomate has Covid-19 please worship with us virtually

    Plase note that additional seating is available in the foyer and will be added eslewhere in the building as needed to maintain social distancing.

    Exceptions to wearing the face covering:

    • Those leading at the Pulpit
    • Children under the age of 6
    • Those with medical conditions
    • During observance of the Lord’s Supper

    "Bible Breakdown" w/ Ryan Hasty