Who Cares? So What?

Is there a "right" and a "wrong"?? Is there "truth" beyond which is "error;" things authorized, beyond which are things unauthorized? Is there a standard by which such is established? We discourage a hasty answer; and suggest some careful soul-searching, before you commit yourself to something you do not really believe, for the consequences are tremendous.

There is the choice between man as his own final authority, and God his Maker and Superior. At this point it is important to recognize that if God is the final authority, a revelation of "truth and right" can not be subject to man's feeling or approval. It must be approached objectively, and we may safely assume that God would make His will understandable to His creatures. (Who made man's "mind"?)

Then, there is the choice between man as a robot his will, words, and actions predetermined -- so that God is just playing games with Himself; or, man as a free moral agent. Walk with care! Walk with care! For with free will there is responsibility, and there must be final judgment.

Ability, responsibility, and accountability; these are inseparable concepts, each supporting and necessitating the others. Even if God is removed from the scene, man must respond and give account of that response to his fellow-man, and to himself. Failing this, his existence is utterly without meaning. Put God into the scene---you can't keep Him out---and responsibility becomes awesome.

Not impossible---responsibility is linked with ability; not terrifying--for the "fear of God is reverence for a loving Father; but awesome none the less. Its burden is cushioned by the "good news" of His love, mercy and sacrifice on our behalf; and by "the recompense of the reward."

So that when one stops to think about it--and brother I do hope you will stop to think about it--we can ill afford the popular "Who Cares?" or "So What?" attitude. Nor can we allow an emotional "love" to blind us to the realities of divine authority. It is false peace that ignores one's need to know and conscientiously follow the word of God.