The Devil's Best Weapons

(Note: This was a post a brother made on a discussion board several years ago. I have slightly edited it and given it a title. - LWR)

Peter McPherson here with a suggestion. What do you think is the devil's best ammunition? That he employs today?

I think that his best ammo in response to Bible truth is SILENCE. His "workers" have decided to just leave us alone. In this way there is no attention brought to truth and against his error. And when you don't have the truth or are in a hard spot they find it better to clam stop any communication before it begins.

Years ago a debate on salvation .. the necessity of  water baptism was nearly finalized, but the preacher backed out. He said that he would be furnishing most of the audience. But if he had the truth why wouldn't he want even a few to hear it?  Silence was his best weapon. It’s very diabolical, but he has found that it works. Lets none of us be guilty of employing this tactic.

Yes today most denominational preachers will just give you the cold shoulder...shut  up and go right on with their views.

Silence is a great weapon of his because he ignores you...and he never gives you an opportunity to present your case. This way error, falsehood spreads. But we must still keep on trying to flush him. At least present the truth plainly and show up the error, regardless what response he uses.

For the past month we are running a new brief article each week in the city paper under the caption "A Challenge". Each week I simply state a plain Bible truth and then ask why do many do otherwise (about 30 words and then we give the church address, etc). To date I have not received one response and I will be surprised if I do. We did have one visitor. Perhaps it will do some good in spite of the fact that the sectarians will not have the courage or time to respond.

What do you think is the devil's best weapons.. the "top ten?"