Ashley Miller and his wife Anna have two daughters and a son.  Ashley is tasked with worship organization, the worship duty roster, and special Bible classes\studies.  

Christopher White and his wife Kay have a daughter.  Christopher has been tasked with the treasury, budget, and acts as the liaison to the men we support.

Craig Davis and his wife Paula have two sons.  Craig is tasked with building maintenance, grounds, the bulletin, security and building supplies.

Jared Johnson and his wife Holly have one son and one daughter.  Jared is tasked with Junior High to Adult Bible classes, curriculum, and worship orginization. 

Jason Burnett and his wife have two sons and two daughters.  Jason has been tasked with older member needs and local evangalism.

Jeff Jerkins and his wife April have two daughters and two sons.  Jeff is tasked with College student needs, the adopt-a-student program, prayers, and younger children's Bible classes. 

Jimmy Roberts and his wife Mary Ann have two sons and two daughters.  Jimmy is tasked with Local Evangalism.  

Josh Hudson and his wife Haley have 2 sons.  Josh is tasked with Spanish evangalism, benevolance, and College evangalism.

Josh Pender and his wife Nicole have four sons.  Josh has been tasked with the Infant to 5th Grade Bible classes, College student needs, and resource room management.

Matt Hall and his wife Jana have three sons and a daughter.  Matt has been tasked with the communication, website management, spiritual work groups, social media outreach, and AV technology. 

Philip Stephens and his wife Amanda have a son and two daughters.  Philip has been tasked with website management, AV technology and communication.

Taylor Bethea and his wife Sarah have two sons and a daughter.  Taylor has been tasked with building security, building maintanence and the weekly bulletin.

Tyler Crawford and his wife Ashlyn have three sons and two daughters.  Tyler has been tasked with College evangalism, benevolance, annual financial audit and Spanish evangalism.