No Problem

When a person is eager to learn the way of salvation and is willing to accept the word of God as the final authority, there is no problem in teaching him what to do to be saved. When differences arise among brethren and all have a humble attitude, and there is a sincere desire for peace and unity, and all parties want to follow God’s word, the settlement is no problem.

When a person genuinely believes that Jesus is the Son of God and wants to yield in submission to Christ, once he is shown the Lord commands baptism for the remission of sins, because he is honest and longs to go to heaven, there is no problem getting him to be baptized.

When a worshiper comes into the assembly with the right attitude of heart, there is no problem if the song leader misses the pitch on one of the hymns or if the building is too warm, or if the janitor has missed some cobwebs over the pulpit.

Many of the problems that arise are the bitter fruit of improper thinking. (Rom 12:2)